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About Us

PC Plod is an Australian based computer development company founded by David Stock with the goal of simplifying computer interactions for the average computer user. We consist of a small, but highly talented team of designers and developers, who are currently developing some of Australia’s finest personal computing products.
Innovative Products
From our inception we have had a focus on being innovative and our every product seeks to embody this. From our patent pending USB devices, through to our unique case materials and intelligent thermal designs, every minuscule aspect of our products development attests to our attention and focus on the finer details, all of which, creates a highly sophisticated and refined end product.
Environmental Responsibility
Regardless of what may or may not be occurring with our planet and global warming, we feel we have a social obligation to be environmentally responsible. From small changes in packaging, to more dramatic changes such as size reduction and alternate materials, next generation computer chips, through to advanced thermal designs, we endeavour to do our utmost to make a difference and minimize our environmental footprint on the planet.
Business Philosophy
Unlike most traditional businesses that simply focus on profits, we believe in focusing on our end products and our people, staff and customers alike. This shift in focus allows us to develop products that serve a real need or purpose, as opposed to products merely aimed at financial gain. We believe strongly that if a product gap in a given market is fulfilled with a quality solution and excellent customer support, then profitability is a by product that becomes inevitable.