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StockBox Mini Desktop PC
The StockBox Mini is a PC On a stick, and is by far one of Australia’s most power and overall efficient computing devices. It has a capacity of less than 0.035 litres, while measures a mere 9.8cm(Length) X 3.7cm (Width) X 0.9cm (Height).
Environmentally Responsible
The StockBox Mini desktop PC uses on average about 3 watts while doing normal desktop work or watching videos, compared to a minimum of about 70-100watts for a traditional desktop. As an approximate guide it will use about 90% less power when compared to a traditional desktop box.
Additionally it uses a highly recyclable construction model, designed to be easily dis-assembled upon the end of it’s life. This helps ensure that non-recyclable materials are kept to a bare minimum.
Consideration has also been given to things such as packaging, using smaller boxes allows us to ship more devices in fewer shipments and using less transport.
Financially Beneficial
The financial gains from using a StockBox Mini PC are potentially huge, especially in a network environment from 5 or so computers upwards. The electricity savings alone could potentially be worth thousands of dollars a year to a given business or organization.
Additionally due to the 'stock' nature of it's design a StockBox Mini PC is able to be used in a variety of different applications, which will allow one standard PC to be used in a variety of different environments and ‘roles’. This also can reduce downtime as a single backup device can be kept, and simply swapped in the even that any of the other devices experience a failure, thus greatly reducing down time waiting for IT support to arrive!
Our first shipment of StockBox Mini PC’s will be by mid January 2015. With the current levels of interest being shown by the market it will by and large be sold before arrival, so we’d recommend pre-ordering yours to ensure you’re one of the first to start benefiting from its features and not end up being disappointed!
If you’d like further details and a live demonstration then please don’t hesitate to contact us.