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Investor Information

Current Position
At present PC Plod is a privately owned, Australian based, company, with it’s current head office in Mandurah, Western Australia. While we are currently no longer actively seeking investment it is still plausible that in the future the opportunity may arise to invest in both our national and global expansion. Opportunities are however likely to be seized upon rather quickly as our current product offerings have already sparked major interest and the future is only looking greener.
Market Potential
While PC Plod is currently a somewhat small and highly efficient operation, expansion is immanent. As of 2010 global desktop PC sales are expected to exceed 340 million units, and this is the market in which our current devices are competing for a market share. As we launch additional devices currently in the planning stages we will no doubt see major alternative computing markets also open up.
Future Opportunities
If you’re interested in making an investment in what will without a doubt be one of Australia’s fastest growing companies within the coming two years, then please feel free to contact us and leave your details as we’ll then be able to offer you prioritised investment opportunities as they arise, before we offer them to the general public.