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StockBox Mini PC Launched
After much anticipation the new Stock Box Mini has been launched.
The StockBox Mini is a new "desktop-on-a-stick" device that brings Intel's x86-64 architecture to a usb thumb drive form factor
It features a quadcore Intel CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 32GB solid start hard drive, combined with inbuilt WiFi and bluetooth. It allows organisations to deliver a full Windows desktop experience on a device approximately the size of a stick of gum, all while using less than 5 watts of power.
Additionally due to it's support for the x86 architecture the device is able to support additional operating systems such as Ubuntu, Linux, Windows 10 and Chromium OS.
The StockBox Mini is going to be available for delivery from mid January 2015 with an expected retail price starting at 199.
For further enquiries regarding the StockBox Mini please contact us via our contact page.


New Website Launched
Welcome to the all new PC Plod website, the first of many major changes that are currently taking place at PC Plod.
Our new site has been designed with the end user in mind, and we've done our best to keep everything as clean, simple and functional as possible, however we are as always still open to suggestions so please don't hesitate to contact us if you have some.
It's indeed been a rather exciting time for us as we've begun a process which is ultimately building up to our StockBox Mini PC's product launch, currently due for delivery in January 2015. So watch this space!